What is Joomla?

Learn how to Install Joomla 2.5 in this Video Tutorial

Use Joomla to build a flexible, powerful website. Joomla offers all the tools you need to build a complete website from the ground up, and then extend the functionality of that site to solve many complex internet challenges.

website management platform

It is easy to install Joomla, and to get started, expensive website hosting is not even a requirement. Using tools like “xampp” anyone can set up their own Joomla server to test and learn from their own computer.

Here on Joomla Node you can learn how to do a complete Joomla installation on a website hosting platform. Joomla works great with any cPanel based website host, however it also works great with almost every single other webhosting provider you could choose from.

Get started today, and put Joomla to use for you.

One note. I bet you will find that there is irony that this blog is written on wordpress. There are situations where Joomla is not as well suited as WordPress. Click on the Node home page, and you will see a complete Joomla site that powers an entire company, day to day. Here, I’m using WordPress because I need a simple blog that is easy to access, and use to distribute a few lines of text, and some videos. I encourage everyone to get an understanding of many “Content Management Platforms” before deciding on one, or the other. Joomla is excellent for many situations, and so is WordPress, and Drupal, and Magento, and Expressions, but they all are suited to different things better. For example, WordPress is easier to set up a basic site than Joomla, however if you want to deploy a social network, Joomla’s got the ability to do that real easily.

I hope you find this site useful, I am trying to put some of the most valuable Joomla information on the web out, so enjoy, and if you need any professional Joomla projects done, I run companies that can solve any kind of Joomla related, or IT related issue you might need help with.

-Brandon Cross


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